What can I expect the investment to be for your design services?

Services are priced at a flat rate fee model, based on the size and scope of your project. 1)Full Service Design starts at $3000 and up. This value based model is quoted per project. 2) Design Planning is $1500 per room. 3) Design Kickstart is $497 flat rate for 2-hrs. Regardless of the design package you choose, you will know your entire design fee up front, with no surprises at the end of the project. If you decide to add an additional room, or change direction for a space halfway through the job -I will send you a new scope of work with an additional flat-fee proposal for that aspect of your project.

Can you work with my planned budget amount?

Of course! The model below shows an example of where money goes for services and fees. I can work with your planned investment, but keep in mind that nobody’s design checklist is ever within the amount they hoped to invest!  If you have no idea, check out my blog post here to help you determine a comfortable preliminary budget for furnishings. Remodels budgets will be discussed with a contractor.  I will help talk about what you want to accomplish with your planned investment up front. This helps create a design plan that will meet your needs, financial goals, and hopefully most of your wishlist items as well. In the end this will save us all time! 

The graphic below shows a visual of Services + Associated Fees to help understand where your budget may go. (Does not include renovation material costs) **I have no control over the construction bid and Freight/delivery costs. 

I am not sure my investment is big enough-can you still help?

Yes! A Design Kickstart is ideal for clients who just want some professional advice and direction for less than $500. If you decide later to upgrade to Full Service or Design Planning you can credit the Kickstart amount towards a new service.

How long does a design project take?

A full service project typically takes 6 to 12 months. Design Planning about 4 to 6 weeks. Design Kickstarts are done the day of...There are variable factors for remodel jobs and furniture lead times have been longer than usual. Typically, it's 4-6 weeks to the Design presentation for Full Service design and then it's waiting for custom furnishings and renovations.

What if I don’t like an item you have selected for my project?

For Full Service clients, up to two revisions per item are included in the process. After collecting all of my research and information up front, for most jobs there are only a few tweaks needed, if any. Nothing is purchased without your approval and 100% payment. If we are working on a remodel or new construction job, a detailed spec sheet will be sent to the contractor/builder and final decisions signed off there.

Will you make recommendations for contractors on my project?

Yes, I can recommend contractors that I like and trust for your project. It helps the remodel process to work with someone who is familiar with my processes and I am familiar with their trades people.  If you already have your own contractor I am happy to work with them as well. Some contractors are skeptical to work with interior designers, but afterward always see the value and time saved for everyone involved! It is a win-win-win. Please note that I do not assume general contracting responsibilities. You must enter into a scope of work agreement with them directly, as well as pay them directly.

If you are a Full Service client, I will still be involved throughout the development and execution process. This means communicating with contractors and trades from start to finish.

Do you require full payment before purchasing products?

Yes, full payment is required for any goods purchased. Once your custom order is placed it cannot be canceled and it is non-refundable, which means the item is yours. 

**Shipping and delivery fees are billed after delivery. Plan on an additional 10-20% of the cost of goods.

How are items delivered?

For Full Service clients, one large delivery of all your items is ideal. COVID-related backorders in the industry have made this a little more difficult…meaning sometimes a delivery that is not 100% complete will be made (so you are not waiting endlessly) and the last straggler piece is delivered once it shows up. Items purchased are safely stored until delivered to you.

**Clients are responsible for all shipping & delivery fees. (If we are holding items for an excessive amount of time a storage fee will be added)

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