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Kirsten Brockner Interiors is based in Boise, Idaho. I serve clients near and far, am willing to travel, and love to consult remotely via zoom. I help you find your unique style and bring it to life.

Make your space MORE your own so you can fall in love with your home again.Find the confidence to be daring and unique so your space makes an impression.Stay organized and on budget so you don’t waste time or money hiring the wrong designer or choosing the wrong design pieces.Be at peace knowing you’ve hired an expert who can manage the entire project so you can stick to the business of living your best life.

I create possibilities you don’t even know you want by stripping away the constraints of a space that can no longer contain the life you’re creating. You get to step into a whole new way of living within your space, one you didn’t even dare believe was possible.

This design journey that’s calling to you isn’t one you have to travel alone. Book a consultation with me so I can guide you through the process.

full service design

This is a comprehensive service that covers planning, management, and implementation of a design project. Every detail is managed by us once we’ve created a collaborative vision of what you want. We work with clients local to Boise, Idaho and beyond.

$3,000 and up depending on the SCOPE of work.

How It Works

This project-based approach to full service design is a complete done-FOR-you experience. All those endless decisions, that stress about choosing, and then choosing again because you chose something you didn’t actually like in the space…all of that gets eliminated. I manage it for you. Your only job is to help me find and understand your style so I can create a design that is BETTER than you could create for yourself. I help you save time and money through my 20+ years of interior design experience and my large network of exclusive product suppliers. Your custom look is just around the corner of this process.

Step 1: Complimentary Discovery call. We’ll spend 20 minutes getting to know one another and learning about your project. I’ll answer any questions you may have and we’ll see if we’re a mutually great fit.

Step 2: We'll schedule an appointment to come see the space in person. There’s a one time fee of $200, due before the visit. I will collect A LOT of information about the project, look at the way you’d like to use the space, and take measurements and photos. Once I assemble the information, I’ll send you a detailed scope of work with an itemized list of everything I  will be doing, with the Total Flat fee Design rate. No surprises here. You will know exactly what the cost will be up front.

Step 3: You’ll review and approve the Scope of Work, make any changes necessary, and pay your 50% deposit, and we’re ready to move forward. ($3,000 and up depending on the SCOPE of work)

Step 4: This is the fun part! Design!! I create an ideal design plan (furniture only, entire remodel, or both.) I select all the pieces, finishes, etc. All those details that you might overthink, or not even realize you need.

Step 5: This step is all about the wow factor! I invite you to my office to present the Design Proposal with ALL of the details. I propose an itemized list of product recommendations, based on your budget and style. Digital design boards and floor plans are included. Then we make any changes or tweaks that we feel are necessary.

Step 6: Implementation. This is where things really come to life. I order all of your approved goods (procurement) and give the details to contractors if they’re involved in your project. Furnishing items are shipped/received to me and stored until you’re ready for delivery. I work alongside the contractor and other tradespeople throughout the process (if it is a remodel or new build) to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Step 7: The room or project reveal. This is the moment that you’ve been anticipating from that very first meeting with me. I handle everything from scheduling deliveries, to making sure the furniture is placed correctly, to hanging artwork, styling accessories, and arranging for professional photography. I address any issues that need to be fixed or resolved and I present your new magazine-worthy space to you. Cue the tears…

design planning

This is a hybrid service that includes everything in the Design Kickstart as well as a customized detailed plan for you to follow for your home remodel or refresh. Once I understand your vision, I will source items for you online, select finishes, and prepare a design roadmap for you to follow in order to complete your project on your own.

$1500 flat fee per room-with the option to purchase additional virtual design consultations if needed.

How It Works

STEP 1: We do a virtual or in-person walk-through of your space and discuss the improvements that you’re dreaming of. You get to talk about any pieces you plan to keep that need to be incorporated into the redesign, any that you’re ready to get rid of, and any particular design vision you have in mind.

STEP 2: We’ll spend time talking about what works and what doesn't work within your space and I’ll help you see possibilities you didn’t even know to consider. We’ll take a deep look at your style (it’s ok if you don’t know) and how the space will be used. Then we’ll talk timelines & budgets to help you stay on track.

STEP 3: I will create a step by step design plan for you to complete your project. I will source products for you online, give you a list of links with what to buy, where to buy it, and where to place in the room. (If it is a remodel, where to place tile, etc.)

This is a way to not only get expert design advice, but to also eliminate any overthinking, indecision, or bad buying choices by having a professional, customized design plan emailed right into your hands.

design kickstart

This service is designed to help you solidify your choices quickly so you can implement on your own. You get access to my eye for design, expert recommendations, and my deep understanding of how to bring ease and vitality to a space. Personalized design ideas and customized resources will help you save time, money, and your sanity. If you live in the Boise treasure valley area we will meet in-person at your home. Live elsewhere? We'll get together virtually on Zoom.

If you are local, this service can be credited towards future work if you decide to move forward with Design Planning or Full Service.

2-hour session- $497 flat fee.

How It Works

STEP 1: We do a virtual or in-person walk-through of your space and discuss the improvements that you’re dreaming of. We’ll spend time talking about what works and what doesn't work within your space and I’ll help you see possibilities you didn’t even think to consider.

STEP 2: We’ll take a deep look at your style (it’s ok if you don’t know) and how the space will be used. I will make suggestions as needed (paint, tile, furniture, ideas, etc.) This is also a great time to have all your samples out (if you are already doing a project) so we can go over them and can help you make decisions at this time.

STEP 3: You can take notes with all of my expert recommendations so you can move forward with a clear path and implement on your own or upgrade to a custom Design Plan if needed.

Think of this service as having a designer in your pocket to reassure you that you’re headed in the right direction and not making costly mistakes.

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Kirsten Brockner is a Boise, Idaho interior designer. She services the Boise areas in person, including Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Star, and Middleton. Kirsten also works virtually all over the United States and Canada. Kirsten Brockner specializes in residential interior design, interior decorating, space planning, furniture planning, new construction, and home remodeling.
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