Kirsten Brockner is an interior designer who helps her clients find their unique style and then bring it to life within the spaces of their home. She creates possibilities they don’t even know to dream for and ELEVATES THEIR EVERYDAY by stripping away the constraints of a space that can no longer contain the life they’re creating.

She spent endless hours visualizing floor plans of the too-small room she grew up in, thinking through form and function and scale and organization, dreaming of future spaces she could fill with possibility.

Growing up, she knew what she wanted to do. Design. So she went out and actually did it. She  got a college degree in interior design and kept a pulse on the industry through marriage and motherhood. She was living the dream in a beautiful 5500 square foot custom built home that she had poured all of her design passion into while working part time and focusing on her family.

But then life started to unravel, as it often does, and Kirsten found herself with a unique opportunity to design a life that was very different from the life she thought she had been building, the one she had imagined since childhood. She began creating a family life that was stronger, deeper, more beautiful. With each new obstacle and each new design project, she was able to serve her family and her clients in more profound ways.

And somewhere in that process, she found her voice. Her ambition. Her limitless capabilities. And she found that the depth of her passion for a well-designed space was second only to her passion for a well-designed life. One thing enhances the other, and since then, Kirsten has built a thriving business helping clients reinvent their spaces so they can reinvent their lives within those spaces.

Dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, ALL the rooms can be transformed into spaces of beauty and function, connection and possibility. 23 years in the interior design industry gives her a wealth of knowledge and networks to utilize in transforming her client’s homes.

This design journey that’s calling to you isn’t one you have to travel alone.

Book a consultation with Kirsten so she can guide you through the process.

“Kirsten has helped me with a variety of projects over many years. She listens to what I like and helps guide with design info and suggestions, availability, and pricing. I’m a firm believer that design helps save money in the long run. My work with Kirsten has affirmed that belief.” 

~ Nancy Christensen

“Kirsten was spot on with all her ideas and watching each room come together was really fun. She listened to understand our tastes and what we wanted and also brought up many great ideas that we implemented. Everything came together just in time for hosting Christmas with our family. Couldn’t be happier.” 

~ Dustin Ray

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Kirsten Brockner is a Boise, Idaho interior designer. She services the Boise areas in person, including Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Star, and Middleton. Kirsten also works virtually all over the United States and Canada. Kirsten Brockner specializes in residential interior design, interior decorating, space planning, furniture planning, new construction, and home remodeling.
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